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If I’ve vaginal intercourse with a trans man (FTM) do I’ve to fret about him getting pregnant or do all of the hormones he takes forestall him from getting pregnant?

doctor talking to patientThanks in your query. It’s essential to know there’s a danger of being pregnant with vaginal intercourse. Individuals assigned feminine at start (AFAB) on gender affirming hormones can nonetheless get pregnant from vaginal intercourse. Individuals assigned male at start (AMAB) on gender affirming hormones can nonetheless get their companion pregnant from vaginal intercourse. Mainly, if you’re having vaginal intercourse and don’t wish to get pregnant it’s a good suggestion to make use of a type of contraception, or contraception.

Gender Affirming Therapies

Based on the World Well being Group gender-affirming well being care can embrace social, psychological, behavioral or medical (hormones or surgical procedure) care that helps an individual’s gender id.

There are completely different sorts of hormones individuals might use as a part of gender-affirming therapy.

– Puberty Blockers

  • Puberty blockers assist forestall development by means of puberty. They’re reversible, which implies if they’re stopped an individual will begin going by means of puberty once more.

– Hormone Remedy

  • Estrogen or testosterone can be utilized to assist develop intercourse traits that align with an individual’s gender id.

Hormone Remedy and Fertility

The usage of estrogen or testosterone as a part of gender-affirming therapy might decrease an individual’s skill to get pregnant (or get their companion pregnant). Nevertheless, their use doesn’t decrease the being pregnant danger to zero. If a being pregnant will not be desired then you must think about using a type of contraception.

The right way to Stop a Being pregnant

Abstinence is the one 100% method to forestall being pregnant. In the event you resolve to have vaginal intercourse there are numerous methods to assist forestall being pregnant.

– Strategies for individuals assigned male at start (AMAB):

  • Condoms
  • Sterilization (that is everlasting)

– Strategies for individuals assigned feminine at start (AFAB):

  • Barrier strategies: inside condom, spermicides, cervical cap, contraceptive sponge, and diaphragm
  • Hormonal strategies: implant (within the arm), injectable shot, intrauterine gadget (IUD), tablets, patch, vaginal ring, and emergency contraception
  • Different strategies: non-hormonal intrauterine gadget, sterilization, fertility consciousness technique

Individuals AFAB on gender-affirming hormones can nonetheless use contraception. It’s essential to talk with a healthcare supplier in order that they might help them select the best choice for them.

And bear in mind, condoms and dental dams are the one means to assist forestall sexually transmitted infections from sexual contact.

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