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Finest and Worst Meals for TMJ Dysfunction

Finest and Worst Meals for TMJ Dysfunction


Have you ever ever had TMJ ache after consuming one thing exhausting like a bit of bread, corn, or snacking on meat? Though stress is a typical set off for TMJ ache, the meals you eat can even trigger ache. For somebody with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, consuming can actually be an actual ache. Due to the discomfort that consuming may cause, it will be important that these affected by TMJ ache take additional care to make sure they’re getting the diet they want.

What’s TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which is a situation that impacts the joint connecting the jawbone to the cranium. It will possibly trigger ache and discomfort within the jaw, face, and neck.

TMJ might be attributable to quite a lot of components, together with damage, arthritis, tooth grinding, stress, and genetics. Signs could embrace ache or tenderness within the jaw, problem opening or closing the mouth, clicking or popping sounds when shifting the jaw, and complications or earaches.

What are the worst meals for TMJ?

Keep away from consuming meals that trigger discomfort or ache within the jaw joint as these meals irritate TMJ signs. The next could be a good information:

Exhausting and crunchy meals

Each crunchy and exhausting meals are exhausting to chew and put plenty of stress on the jaw. This sort of stress on the jaw can enhance TMJ ache.

TMJ foods to avoid

Subsequently, you must keep away from crunchy and exhausting meals equivalent to popcorn, chips, peanut brittle, exhausting nuts, pizza, uncooked greens, exhausting meats, giant items of fruit and greens, or chewing gum. These meals require plenty of chewing and put stress on the jaw.

Chewy meals

Like crunchy meals, chewy meals can even irritate your TMJ signs. With chewing meals, your jaw has to work extra time in fixed movement. It will possibly make your TMJ ache worse. To stop such ache and worsening signs, you must keep away from chewy meals equivalent to sweet, chocolate with dried fruit items, cereal grains, barbecue, and beef.

Sticky meals

Meals that follow the tooth equivalent to candy treats, chocolate, pretzels, cookies, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, caramel, popcorn, and nuts are additionally not TMJ-friendly. Along with sticking to the tooth, these meals require plenty of jaw actions.

Inflammatory meals

Inflammatory meals equivalent to processed meals, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, and a few greens equivalent to peppers and eggplants, that are allergens, may cause irritation within the physique and create issues when your TMJ is aching.

Meals that require extreme jaw motion

Meals that require extreme jaw motion, equivalent to giant bites, corn on the cob, sandwiches, and enormous items of fruit can even trigger extreme jaw opening and worsen TMJ signs.

What are the great meals for TMJ?

There are numerous components that make TMJ dysfunction worse. Whereas self-care at house is all the time beneficial that can assist you discover reduction, it’s best to have knowledgeable examination by your physician to know what works for you. On the subject of meals, it’s higher to go for softer meals to place much less stress in your TMJ when chewing.

Nutritious smoothies and pureed soups will assist you to with TMJ reduction. The most effective meals for TMJ are those who don’t require plenty of chewing. Fruits equivalent to bananas, apple sauce, and canned fruit in 100% juice are good decisions.

Gentle meals

Consuming smooth meals equivalent to mashed potatoes, smoothies, and soups will help cut back stress in your jaw muscle tissue as a result of these meals don’t require a lot chewing. Cooked greens containing magnesium can even assist chill out muscle tissue and cut back rigidity within the jaw.

Meals wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that may assist cut back irritation within the jaw joint. Meals wealthy in omega-3 embrace fatty fish equivalent to salmon, nuts, and seeds, which ought to be pureed to make them simpler to eat.

Meals wealthy in calcium

Calcium is crucial for the power of bones and tooth, together with the jawbone. It’s higher to eat calcium-rich meals in liquid or softened and cooked type that doesn’t require plenty of chewing and doesn’t put stress on the jaw.


Hen, meat, cooked and softened fish might be consumed. However it’s higher to show them into items or mashed in order that it’s simpler to chew. You can too use scrambled eggs and helpful legumes in pureed type.

best foods for TMJ


A fluid weight loss program can embrace juices, smoothies, soups, and purees, which assist cut back ache whereas chewing. Be certain your proteins, carbs, greens, and fruits are all included in these liquid weight loss program choices that can assist you heal sooner.

Entire grains

By consuming these grains, we get wholesome vegetable protein, fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals and all types of plant materials which are helpful for well being. These grains embrace cream of wheat, oatmeal, roasted corn, and brown rice. For individuals who have TMJ issues, they need to eat this cereal in a softened type.

The right way to stop TMJ ache?

Along with consuming the precise meals, there are different methods you possibly can deal with your jaw in your day by day life to stop painful relapses. You could possibly cut back signs by lowering your stress, checking your self to ensure you’re not clenching your jaw or grinding your tooth, utilizing bodily remedy, and exercising.

You will need to carry out TMJ workouts designed to strengthen, stretch, and chill out the jaw.

Sporting a mouth guard might be an efficient option to stop TMJ, particularly whether it is attributable to grinding or clenching your tooth. A mouth guard will help cut back stress on the jaw joint and stop injury to the tooth. Mouthguards might be custom-made by a dentist.

Different methods to stop TMJ embrace working towards good posture, avoiding chewing gum, and lowering stress by means of leisure strategies equivalent to meditation or yoga.


The most effective meals for TMJ embrace smooth, easy-to-chew meals equivalent to cooked greens, fruits, fish, and eggs. Additionally it is vital to keep up a balanced weight loss program with sufficient quantities of calcium and magnesium.

However, the worst meals for TMJ embrace exhausting and crunchy meals, chewy meals, and meals that require extreme jaw motion. Moreover, it’s endorsed to keep away from caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco merchandise as these can have TMJ issues.



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